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Questions to ask when phone chatting with a woman

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Asking questions when chatting on the phone with a woman is not an exercise that is performed randomly. Instead, if you wish to impress the woman and effectively maintain an interesting conversation, the right questions should be asked in an appropriate order in a chat line. The barrier between creating a lasting impression in a woman and failing to make an impact is the ability to maintain an interesting conversation. Appropriate questions to ask include:

1. How are you doing? - This question seems obvious but many people start a conversation with a simple ‘hi’ yet it is challenging to respond to this greeting in a manner that steers the conversation forward. Asking her how she is doing shows concern about her welfare and will impress the woman that you are caring. Further, it creates room for the woman to provide a response that will elicit more chat.

2. How did you find the last episode of Fringe? – This question can be changed slightly to name the TV show, movie, sport or event that the woman likes. The question shows that you take adequate interest in her opinions as well as her likes.

3. What is your best way to relax? – Light-hearted questions are always essential in the initial phase of a phone chat to put her at ease.

4. If you won the lottery today, what would you do with the winnings? – This is also a light-hearted question but it also allows the woman to open up about her wishes in life hence facilitating bonding.

5. Which movie has ever moved you enough to make you cry? – Women often exhibit stronger emotions compared to their male counterparts therefore a question that explores the emotional depths of a woman would elicit more conversation. Some women might consider this question to be too personal therefore its best to ask it later on in the conversation.

6. Which of your photos do you consider the best? – Women love to take pictures and receive compliments on such pictures. This question allows for the woman to send you a photo of herself and show off while it allows you to compliment her and make her feel proud.

7. Which pickup line do you consider to be dumb? – The response provided for this question would tell you much about the woman you are chatting with and enable you to chart out an appropriate approach to win her over.

8. If you could, what would you change regarding me? – Since the conversation has already strengthened, sensitive questions can be accommodated. This question helps gauge how comfortable she is telling you something that might offend you. If she is open enough to tell you what she does not like about you, then chances are high she feels free and trusts you.

9. Have you ever been unfaithful in a romantic relationship? – The objective is to learn more about her and also show the intention to pursue a romantic relationship.

10. Would you consider going out with me sometime? – This question is best left for the end of a conversation because if the woman responds in the negative, then the conversation is likely to be cut short.

There are always more questions that could be asked therefore be careful to plan them in an orderly fashion starting with light-hearted questions, followed by personal questions and if need be, end with sexual questions.