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How I met my dream girl on a chat line

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I must admit I was slightly skeptical when I first decided to sign up as a member in a phone chat line. My greatest concern was that the women I would interact with would not be of good character because (according to a friend of mine) a lot of sex chat took place in phone chat lines. I had had little success in dating sites finding someone who understood me and exhibited traits that I sought in a life partner. All the same, I had nothing to lose and so I started making calls in the chat line.

Rough start
The first few women I called were just on the chat line to have fun, pass time and none were serious about meeting. It is not that I did not enjoy having a social conversation with a woman because I needed it – I was lonely. However, I also wanted to meet someone who is serious about a relation and shared my dreams as well as interests in life. It took me close to two weeks but I eventually met someone I felt comfortable talking to and one who seemed focused on pursuing a serious romantic relationship.

Hope at last!
I remember our first conversation: ‘Hello, how are you doing?’, ‘Not so well, but am okay…’ It was an uncommon response and I was unsure of the right response. I wondered whether she was physically unwell, had been subjected to an unpleasant experience or if she was simply toying with me. When I finally managed to speak, I responded, ‘well you are in luck, because I just might be the one to save you’. She hesitated before responding (perhaps it was not the response she expected). We talked more and deeper into the conversation I realized that when she indicated she was ‘not so well’, it was in reference to various challenges that she was facing in both her social and professional lives. I listened to her, gave her time to share her experiences without interrupting, offer my opinion on the dilemmas she faced and felt good to have someone confide in me. In the days that followed, we would talk every night on the phone at first for minutes but later on we would spend hours talking to each other. I started considering that perhaps this was the opportunity my life had always lacked – a woman so caring, good-hearted, loving and who seemed to have strong feelings for me.

Was it real?
I found myself wondering what would happen if I asked her to meet me. Would she be open to taking our relationship to another level? Would she like me as much when we met in person? Was she be attractive to me in person? I had no answers to these questions but I had to know where our relationship was headed and so I decided to call her and be certain. When I asked her, she was hesitant to reply. I told her to take her time and think about it. We continued talking and just as I was bidding her goodnight, she asked me if she asked me a question I would be honest with her. Her question was about my interest in her. Was I genuinely interested in her and what would happen if my expectations of her were not satisfied when we met in person? I assured her I was genuinely interested in her and that I too was really anxious about our meeting. We decided it was best we meet and put to rest out concerns.

Our love was real
Like all first time encounters, our meeting was filled with anxiety. I wanted to make a good first impression and so I wore a suit I have always been told brings out an air of confidence in me. I hoped it was not too formal. We would later laugh during dinner when she told me she equally had a hard time selecting her attire. She was exactly as I had envisioned – funny, beautiful and genuinely interested in me. It was like we knew what the other person was thinking. We both loved to stay indoors, were in search of a worthy partner and enjoyed each other’s company.

It has been one year now. We are planning to move in together after a long period of dating, phone chats, wonderful dinners and quiet evenings at either my place or her place. I have the phone chat line to thank. Thankfully, I did not let my initial skepticism and rough start hinder my quest for love. I am glad I met you Catherine.