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Free trial and free chat lines

Free trial or Free chat line

Nowadays people are able to talk to other strangers on the phone for fun. All that is required is to find a chat line and start talking. The chat line have gained a great following since they were introduced and are now mainly used by dating websites where individuals can familiarize through the chat line and may be later plan for a meet up. Some chat lines are free of charge while other only give a free trial of approximately 5 to 30 minutes after which one is supposed to pay for the service. Both offers have their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of free chat lines

The free chat lines usually allow individual to talk without the fear of being disconnected after a certain period. When people are talking on chat line with limited subscriptions, they tend to be time sensitive since they do not want to exceed the amount they had planned to use. A caller will therefore be obliged to limit their conversation, which is not interesting at all. Free chat lines are also cost effective to the caller. The free chat lines do not charge any fee and therefore the caller can make calls without worrying about charges.

Cons of free chat lines

The free chat lines are usually awarded to the women only. Companies to market their lines usually use chat lines as an incentive and since they want more people to use their phone lines, they tend to make calls free for the women, which will increase the ratio of women to men and hence men will be lured into using the chat lines. This is similar to clubs where club owners tend to make entry for women free. This sidelines the men since they cannot enjoy free services.

Free chat lines that allow men to chat for free is usually out of balance between the number of participating men versus women. In these chatlines, there are a great deal more men, and therefore a male caller would have to wait a very long time to find a qualifty woman for chatting. It is not worth wasted time waiting.

There are people who are good at exploiting other people’s weaknesses over the phone and with free chat lines; these people usually have ample time to exploit others.

Pros of free trial chat lines

Free trials are advantageous they usually give an individual a chance to test the services before they subscribe. After the trial a consumer can now decide if they liked the service and would wish to continue using it or if they disliked the service and do not wish to subscribe.

The free trials unlike for the free chat lines are usually open for everyone. The women still can use the service for at no cost whereas the men would pay for the service. The number of men versus women are more balanced, and everyone has a good time chatting. This gives the paying customer the chance to test the chat service before paying for it.

Due to the limited time in free trial, one usually focuses on the important issues. This helps prevent people who like exploiting other people’s weaknesses over the phone unlike in free chat lines.

Cons of free trial chat lines

Free trial are usually disadvantageous since they are limited to a certain amount of time. After this time has elapsed, one is usually forced to subscribe to continue enjoying the service. The bright side is that free trial is better than no trial.

Although the free chat lines may seem very enticing, they have many disadvantages as compared to the free trials. Therefore, it is preferable to use the free trials over the free chat lines.