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How to tell if the woman talking on the phone is right for you

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Many people prefer a phone chat conversation because it reduces the pressures and anxiety associated with a face-to-face conversation. How many of your friends spend most of their time on the phone? Yes. Use of phones has become a social benefit and a high number of people are utilizing phone chats to interact with people that they are attracted to. The most common pick-up line among men leads to one requesting for a phone number in order to enable the individual to call, text or chat with the woman later on. It is hence essential for you to find out the signs that illustrate the woman you are talking to one the phone is right for you. The signs that would illustrate the woman is into you include:

1. The period of the call – Has she talked for you for an extended period without hanging up? Usually, this means that she is interested in what you have to tell her. If she was uninterested, bored or otherwise engaged, she would have sought ways to cut the conversation short. Although there is no standard period that is associated with a girl being interested in an individual, 30 or more minutes over the phone means she is interested.

2. Is she comfortable with your baseline? – In a phone conversation, a guy creates a baseline consisting of verbal patterns as well as linguistic cues. If she is comfortable with the social pleasantries that you present to her, then she either relates with your topics or is attracted to you enough to ignore any reservations that she may have regarding your pleasantries.

3. Evasion – If she evades most of your questions or statements, then it is likely that she does not relate with your life context or she has something to hide. She is not the right one for you unfortunately.

4. The jealous game – I do not recommend this approach but most people use it therefore I need to address it. If you feel that you need to play this game and she reacts normally then it means she does not have significant feelings for you. If she is right for you, she should at least feel jealous if she sees you with another woman.

5. What do you have in common? Despite the famous statement that “opposites attract”, you need to share some preferences, attitudes or societal issues if you are to have a meaningful conversation. Consequently, if she behaves as if or indicates that you have something in common, then she may be right for you. A long-term relationship is strengthened when the partners have something that they share in common.

6. Does she avoid personal lines of questioning? If you are careful enough to avoid personal questions at the start of the conversation and you choose to pose a personal question appropriately deep into the conversation, she at least needs to respond or indicate why she is not comfortable responding to the question posed. She may not be right for you if she feels you will not be interested in her when she tells you her secrets.

These pointers are not full proof because people are different but they provide a justifiable foundation on which one can gauge their phone conversation and the appropriateness of the party on the other side as a potential life partner. Once you are accustomed to identifying the above six factors, it becomes second-nature to know if the person whom you're talking with on the phone is the right woman for you.