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The women I talked with on telephone chat lines

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It has been a wonderful experience – one that I am glad I undertook on this Chat Line. Initially I was choosy regarding the women I talked to therefore I would gauge the interests and desires of the woman to determine if I wanted to keep talking to them. However, I came to realize that each person I talked to had distinct experiences that inspired me or were just simply interesting. Consequently, I have learnt to accommodate all types of women who I talk to on the chat line. Below are the different types of women that I have had the pleasure of talking to on this chat line:

The lonely – Some women are simply going through a time in life when they have nobody to share their feelings, experiences and prospects with. There is a woman I talked with who was in serious need of a friend. I provided a ‘listening ear’ and a ‘shoulder to cry on’. She told all about the misfortunes that she had faced in the last month and I really sympathized with her. It felt good to care for someone and help her overcome a tough period. I would hope someone would do the same for me if I found myself in such a situation.

The loving – a majority of the women I interacted with sought a romantic relationship. While I only pursued a romantic relationship with one woman who I recently met in person, I also enjoyed interacting with other women who were in search of love. When talking with women who sought a romantic relationship, I realized that most of them were mature people who either had busy lifestyles (did not have adequate time to socialize) or they had been heartbroken by past lovers. The chat line presented a new platform for them to meet men who they would get to know well before they advanced their relationship. Having been disappointed by past partners, most women were cautious not to be hurt again and so chatting with a man before meeting enabled them to assess the person’s character, interests and degree of maturity.

The talkative – just like any social context, there are people who have little patience in listening to other. Similarly, I would sometimes call and be connected with a woman who talked endlessly about their life. When I make a call, I am usually hoping to converse with a woman who will listen to me as much as I give her time to talk about herself. When I call and find out that the woman on the other side of the telephone line is not willing to listen to my experiences, I cut off the conversation.

The opportunists – although sex or ‘sexy talk’ is not the priority in this chat line, I have come across several women who were only interested in adult content. There is this particular woman who wanted to engage me in a sex-related conversation for money. I inferred that some men call in and ask women to engage in such a conversation therefore to fill that demand there are women who have made it a business. This means that the women specialize in providing this service and request for money from the men who they talk to. I am, however, not interested in such a service and instead want to talk to a descent woman in a mature conversation that is not founded on sexual content.

The adventurous – There are women who I called on the chat line who were not looking for any serious relationship and were only out to socialize and make a friend. I looked forward to speaking with such women because they were simply interesting and had no complications. They do not spend much time talking about the challenges in their lives or the romantic prospects that they had. Instead, the conversations are usually unrestricted meaning that we could talk about anything from politics to personal stories (such as sexual encounters). I find that I can talk to such a woman for hours because we have many topics to cover and we both do not have any limitations. However, there are times that I am lonely and I want someone who will be emotionally available to me. At such times, I prefer to talk to a woman who is in search of a life partner and or one that is as lonely as I am because we would relate with each other’s predicament.

There are many types of women to meet on this chat line. I have had a wonderful experience and the pleasure of talking with this diverse group of women who are always available to take my call and share their interests with me. There is always someone new and interesting and I am looking forward to chat with more women on this chat line.